I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.

I’ve been saying this for YEARS.

They are supposed to be separate but they are supposed to be work together. Our constitution was based on Gods laws and our state should be the same way.

Yeah, but there’s a whole lot of citizens here who don’t believe in your god, or any god at all. So why should they be held to rules based on the wishes of an entity they don’t believe in?

Same sex marriage doesn’t invalidate a hetero marriage.

No one is holding a gun to your head to force you to get an abortion.

No one is using stem cells from sources that are any of your business.

Passing laws that allow same sex marriage, safe abortions, and stem cell research do not affect your quality/way of life in any way. Please feel free to marry someone else of the opposite gender, carry all of your pregnancies to term, and avoid stem cell-based cures.

It is your right to make the choices that are best for you. Please allow others the right to choose what’s best for them as well.